Autowiring  1.0.3
A C++ Inversion of Control Framework
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Cauto_arg_ctor_helperConstruction helper for output-by-reference decoration types
 Carg_is_outUtility predicate, used to assess whether T is an output argument
 Cauto_argReinterpret copied argument as input
 Cauto_arg< auto_in< T > >Specialization for equivalent T auto_in<T>
 Cauto_arg< AutoPacket & >AutoPacket specialization
 Cauto_arg< const std::shared_ptr< const T > & >Specialization for "const std::shared_ptr<const T>&" ~ auto_in<T>
 Cauto_arg< const T & >Specialization for "const T&" ~ auto_in<T>
 Cauto_arg< const T >Reinterpret copied argument as input
 Cauto_arg< CoreContext & >CoreContext specialization
 Cauto_arg< std::shared_ptr< AutoPacket > >AutoPacket specialization for shared pointer
 Cauto_arg< std::shared_ptr< const T > * >Shared pointer multi-in specialization
 Cauto_arg< std::shared_ptr< const T > >Specialization for "std::shared_ptr<const T>" ~ auto_in<T>
 Cauto_arg< std::shared_ptr< CoreContext > >shared_ptr CoreContext specialization
 Cauto_arg< std::shared_ptr< T > & >Specialization for "std::shared_ptr<T>&" ~ auto_out<T>
 Cauto_arg< std::shared_ptr< T > && >Specialization for "std::shared_ptr<T>&&" ~ auto_in<T&&> and auto_out<T&&>.
 Cauto_arg< std::shared_ptr< T > >Forbidden input T
 Cauto_arg< T & >Specialization for "T&" ~ auto_out<T>
 Cauto_arg< T && >Specialization for "T&&" ~ auto_in<T&&> and auto_out<T&&>.
 Cauto_arg< T * >Specialization for "T*" ~ auto_in<T*>. T must be const-qualified in order to be an input parameter.
 Cauto_arg< T const ** >Multi-in specialization
 Cauto_inFundamental type of required input arguments of AutoFilter methods.
 Cauto_outThe auto_out<T> class provides a way to implement deferred-output autofilters.
 Cauto_prevIdentifier for AutoFilter inputs from the previous packet
 CSystemThreadPoolA thread pool that makes use of the underlying system's APIs
 CThreadPoolGeneric interface for a thread pool
 CAutoCreateContextTProvides a simple way to create a child of the current context using a sigil.
 CAutoCurrentContextProvides a reference to the current context.
 CAutoEnableEnables the specified type to be "bolted" to the current context.
 CAutoGlobalContextProvides a reference to the global context.
 CAutoNetTransportRepresents a transport implementation that carries AutoNet data to a visualizer client
 CAutoPacketA decorator-style processing packet
 CAutoPacketFactoryA configurable factory class for pipeline packets with a built-in object pool
 CAutoPacketGraphGraphical visualization of AutoPackets
 CAutoRequiredAutowires the specified dependency, creating a new instance if one does not already exist.
 CAutowiredAutowires a "slot" in a context to which an instance of the specified type will be wired when it becomes available.
 CAutowiredFastAutowires a slot immediately (with limitations).
 CBasicThreadAn abstract class for creating a thread with a single Run method.
 CBoltableCauses the class inheriting from this definition to be bolted to the specified contexts
 CContextEnumeratorA virtual container which may be used to enumerate all children of a particular context
 CiteratorWhich is actually used in enumerating contexts
 CiteratorCurrentContextEnumeratorT iterator
 CContextMemberA class that must be inherited in order to be a member of a context heriarchy
 CCoreContextA top-level container class representing an autowiring domain, a minimum broadcast domain, and a thread execution domain.
 CCoreContextTA type of CoreContext that has a sigil.
 CCoreRunnableProvides the interface for threads that should receive start and stop notifications in a context
 CCoreThreadProvides a dispatch queue that creates a thread to run jobs (in the form of lambda functions) in the order added.
 CCurrentContextPusherSaves the current context and makes the passed one current, and then restores the current context when destroyed
 CDeferredMarker return type for deferred calls
 CDispatchQueueThis is an asynchronous queue of zero-argument functions
 CExceptionFilterImplements an exception filter type, invoked when an unhandled exception is thrown
 CGlobalCoreContextA special class designed to make it easier to detect when our context is the global context
 CIntPrinterThis filter takes an int as input and has no output. It simply prints the value of the input
 CMicroBoltA default bolt type which will insert the specified type into a matching context