Autowiring  1.0.3
A C++ Inversion of Control Framework
AutowiredFast< T > Class Template Reference

Autowires a slot immediately (with limitations). More...

#include <Autowired.h>

Inherits shared_ptr< T >.

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class AutowiredFast< T >

Autowires a slot immediately (with limitations).

AutowiredFast provides non-blocking and typically faster services than Autowired. However, an instance satisfying the dependency must already exist. If not, the autowiring slot will never be wired, even if the dependency is created later.

AutowiredFast allows queries to be conducted against contexts that may be in teardown, and also generally operates with fewer memory allocations and better performance than Autowired. As a drawback, notifications on AutowiredFast cannot be attached, and the field will not be updated in the case of post-hoc satisfaction–the value is effectively a constant after initialization. AutowiredFast also requires that the autowired type be completely defined before construction. By comparison, Autowired fields do not ever need to be defined.

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